Virtual Construction & Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Technology becomes a valuable decision-making tool on your project allowing us to
save time, save money and build a higher quality project.


Virtual Construction Services Include:

3D Model Creation
3D Collision Coordination
4D / Schedule Integration
5D / Cost Integration
Site Staging and Logistics Planning
Rendering Creation
Daylight Modeling
Material Quantity Takeoffs
Integrated Work Plans



Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows us to increase communication and collaboration from the initial project planning stages.


Our team leads regular clash detection meetings throughout each phase of the project.  We discuss challenges and solutions and the real-time feedback is integral in setting a project up for success.


The increased communication provides a better platform for planning during the early stages of construction. This allows us to create a more efficient schedule, which ultimately results in lower costs for our clients.


Benefits of Virtual Construction & BIM

The benefits of BIM can generally be measured by two metrics: Schedule and Cost.


BIM can be utilized to proactively identify problems long before they materialize and cause costly delays and change orders. By constructing a building first in a virtual environment, project managers can identify potential problems that are invisible on a two-dimensional set of drawings. Once identified, these problems can be quickly and clearly communicated to the owner, design team and subcontractors using virtual modeling. Changes can be made instantly, and understood perfectly.


BIM modeling can shave precious days and weeks off of a typical commercial construction schedule. The BIM models allow concise communication and understanding of the project and the requirements.

What do clients think of UA Builders Group?

Hear what our clients are saying…

UA Builders has mastered the design-build process and Indeed is pleased with the exceptional quality, fast delivery, and strict attention to budget that came from utilizing BIM technology.

Derek Stewart
Head of Global Real Estate, Indeed

Millions of sq. feet have been delivered in the past several years with multiple projects in progress. We rely on UA’s expertise and knowledge to help us [WeWork] keep up our rapid growth.

Nino Bosco
Director of Development, WeWork

The UA team has gone above and beyond our expectations of performance and competence. I highly recommend them for any size project you’re considering.

Pasquale Suriano
EVP Engineering & Construction, Edison Properties

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