A considerable amount of thought goes into determining how a building is built from the ground-up. How big does it need to be? What’s the best location to build? What will the building exterior look like? Traffic conditions around the potential location?

External building considerations are important but arguably the hardest and most critical portion of any ground-up development for our clients is visualizing the interior space. The interior construction and design depends heavily on the building’s intended use. A school and restaurant are very different builds…

At UA Builder’s, our team of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) experts help our clients translate these unique needs into digital models. There are four key pillars that our VDC team provides to clients on a regular basis:

  1. Reality Capture – UA’s Virtual Design and Construction team provides 3D scans that confirm the actual layout of the buildings interior. The team captures images of the existing space as points of data; then, connects the dots and converts the points into a 3D image that can be used to create a virtual model (building information modeling, aka BIM).
  1. Coordinated MEP Shop Drawings – Coordinated MEP shop drawings allow all parties to understand a clear plan of action for each systems contractor. UA Builders provides a 3-D model of the construction project with all architectural, structural and trades shops combined and coordinated. The 3d scan allows the team to ensure there won’t be clashes with any existing systems, as well.
  1. Point Layout – The point layout helps bring model accuracy to the field once coordinated shop drawings are approved with no clashes detected. The UA team uses model coordinate information to improve office-to-field efficiency at the job site and QA/QC, reduce rework, and increase construction site layout productivity.
  1. Prefabrication – From the design environment our team can produce a set of 3-D models and drawings for prefabrication that can be used to shorten the construction timeline. With tight schedules we can efficiently build office spaces prior to access walls and more. This saves a substantial amount of time and money for our clients.

From planning and communication to modeling, UA Builders is taking the use of virtual design & construction to a new level, to the benefit of our customers, partners, subcontractors, and internal team members.