When it comes to office space, design matters today more than ever before. Whether we are talking brand new commercial office build-outs or renovation and tenant improvements, it is vital that the working environment you’re building strategically enhances productivity and creativity. With a few simple tips, you can be sure that your project will fit the bill and make for some very happy clients. All you need are these simple tips to stay up-to-date on office building trends.

1. Avoid a Totally Open Design Layout

It turns out, Google may not have gotten it quite right. While open offices may be trendy and less expensive, they have been known to wreak havoc on productivity. Research shows that open layouts shorten workers’ attention spans, stifle creativity and cut productivity. The feeling of privacy has been proven to increase job performance, so, while some companies swear by open-office layouts, if you’re trying to design a building geared toward creativity and productivity, it’s best to go traditional.

2. Include Lots of Window Space

There’s nothing worse than a dark, dingy office, and now research agrees. Views of nature in office spaces helps hard working brains recharge and think better. That means decreased stress, increased creativity and a sense of literal and figurative freedom. Remember, employees’ work performance increases when they actually want to be in the space in which they’re working.

3. Add a Splash of Color

No one wants to work in a white-washed space, but the color scheme of an office may be more important than you think. Certain colors instill different moods, so it makes sense to think carefully about the paint color. For example, blue has been proven to increase productivity, making it a perfect option for office designs. Green creates a sense of calm, which may be another good option. Colors to avoid: plain white, which is uninspiring, and red, which can instill a sense of anger and intensity.

4. Feature a Workout Area

Gyms and other workout facilities are becoming increasingly common, and there’s a reason for that. Science suggests that working out on a regular basis can spark creativity, increase workers’ focus and memory, and inspire prolonged mental stamina. In other words, by encouraging employees to hit the gym each day, employers can reap the benefit. That’s why offices like the HuffPost, KeyCorp and Northrop Grumman all feature on-site gyms.

5. It May Be Time to Take a (Literal) Stand

If your client is after optimal performance, you may want to have a discussion about incorporating built-in standing desks. Not only does standing on the job keep workers healthier and happier, but it has also been shown to increase productivity by as much as 50 percent. While adjustable standing options are available, it may be wise to discuss including a few permanent standing desks in your initial design.

The bottom line? Trends like open office spaces are on their way out. Now, the trendiest forms of design are those which cater to creativity and productivity — as well as increase healthiness. So aim for enclosed, yet active offices, and you’ll not only be on-trend, but also on your way to designing a healthier, happier, more accomplished workspace as well.