We are excited to welcome Dick Markel to the UA Builder’s Group team! Dick has joined the team as an Executive Project Manager (EPM) and is responsible for continuing to support UA’s top clients and oversee large-scale projects across the east coast. The Marketing team sat down with him for a brief Q&A…

Q: Tell me a little about yourself – where were you before this?

DM: Before this I was a senior project manager for Cushman and Wakefield where I oversaw planning and management of complex and critical projects throughout pre-lease into construction and move-in phases. My past roles have also included supporting the transaction process, oversight, and management of multiple large scale commercial and institutional construction projects.

Q: How’d you know UA Builders was a great fit?

DM: UA is doing some incredible stuff with exciting clients….and hey, its New York City right?

Q:  How long have you been in the construction industry? Any notable projects you’ve been a part of?

DM: I have been in the construction industry for ……100 years or so……  Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with great clients and truly amazing projects.  I’ve worked on everything from the Astrodome to the Pentagon and even a top secret million sq ft facility for the US Government buried underground in the hills of West VA.  No questions please. Here is a closer look at some of my notable projects:

Recent: Veterans Evaluation Services, 75,000 sf
Recent: Teach for America (multiple project sites), 105,000 sf
Recent: Law offices of McDermott Will & Emery, 45,000 sf
Energy Sector: Alliance Engineering, 130,000 sf
Energy Sector: Conoco (multiple projects), 100,000 sf
Energy Sector: Enron Corp World Headquarters; Houston 1,200,000 sf
Energy Sector: Mobil Oil Regional Headquarters; Houston, 320,000 sf
Professional Services: Deloitte & Touche; (multiple projects), 211,000 sf
Professional Services: National Institute of Technology, 45,000 sf
Government: World Bank Competition; Washington, DC, 1,300,000 sf
Government: Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, DC, 100,000 sf
Healthcare: Aetna Management Corp; (multiple locations), 44,000 sf
Financial: Merrill Lynch PCR; Houston, 91,000 sf
Financial: Union Bank of Switzerland; Los Angeles, 40,000 sf
Misc: Astrodome Renovation; Houston Various Projects, 1,000,000 sf
Misc: Bush Intercontinental Airport, Various Projects; Houston, 100,000 sf

Q: Do you have a ritual or routine to the start off your work day?

DM: I run a 2 mile parkour course every morning, shadow boxing along the way…I finish by sprinting up 1000 steps just as the sun beams over the horizon.

Q: Where did you go to school?

DM: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Go Blue!

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

DM: I love college football, and hanging out in Texas icehouses …

Q: What are you currently reading, do you have a favorite construction blog or website?

DM: Reading is so yesterday……………… I’m looking into getting an MK Ultra implanted.