UA Builders is proud to have contributed to the progress in sustainable building construction in many of the states this past year. Check out our infographic for more details on the Top 10 States for LEED in 2016.

The USGBC just put out its annual list of the Top 10 States for LEED, which recognizes those states leading the way for sustainable building design, construction and transformation in 2016. Topping the list is Massachusetts, which moved from third to first place, with a total of 136 LEED-certified projects representing 3.73 square feet of certified space per resident. In total, these states certified 309.12 million gross square feet of space and are at the forefront of the green building movement.

This per capita list is based on 2010 Census data and includes commercial and institutional green building projects that were certified last year. Washington D.C. is not counted as a state as it’s a Federal District.

Go ahead and check out the infographic below and share the news!