Building Evaluation


The building evaluation team, consisting of UA Builders Group, facility staff, real estate brokers, owner representatives, architects, engineers, and other consultants, work together to conduct detailed building evaluations and plan for the construction of new spaces. We assist site selection teams by inspecting prospective buildings to determine if properties can support present and future needs.

UA Builders also offers Sustainability Evaluation to assess requirements for LEED® and/or other eco-friendly measures, and to support environmental efforts to reduce the projects carbon footprint.


  • Department of Buildings (DOB) violations report
  • Vertical transportation
  • Maintenance records of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for fire protection systems
  • Structural systems
  • Power availability to emergency systems
  • Hazardous conditions and materials (e.g., asbestos) – APC-5
  • Safety and environmental safety-related items
  • Energy efficiency
  • Utilities and accessibility
  • Millwork and interior finishes
  • Moisture protection components
  • Waterproofing systems and fireproofing
  • Landscape and irrigation systems
  • Exterior façade roof conditions

The UA Builders building evaluation service uncovers conditions important for long-term decisions, mitigation of unexpected costs, and informed lease negotiations so that clients can realize the most for their money and a space that suits their goals.

A Life Cycle and Sustainability Analysis (LCA) will be prepared but the team to evaluate building costs and uncover the full range of conditions that can impact a building throughout its lifecycle. LCA includes installed equipment to evaluate the direct and indirect cost burdens associated with a product, process, or activity. The assessments can translate into cost savings for tenants and/or owners.

Sustainability Evaluation: We also assess for existing sustainability or adaptability to LEED® or eco-friendly measures, and to support environmental stewardship and efforts to reduce a structures’ carbon footprint.

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