UA Builders robust database of projects in a variety of markets allows us to create budget estimates with precision. We ensure that no costs will be incurred that are not in the approved scope of work. We create estimates using the collective input of all team members. When construction documents are ready for final pricing, we issue a RFP to our prequalified subcontractors. We compare subcontractor bids to quality surveys prepared by our estimating and mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler (MEPS) staff to ensure that the bids reflect a thorough understanding of project requirements.


UA Builders tracks budgets daily and issues updates and summarization reports on a monthly basis or as requested by the client. We also immediately notify clients of circumstances that may alter the schedule or budget, with recommendations to keep on schedule

Each report includes a change-order log that shows change orders approved to date, submitted but not yet approved, and potential change-order items from a client or subcontractor, with approximate costs based on preliminary information. These reports enable us to:

  • Monitor the original budget vis-à-vis client change orders
  • Track costs-to-date and payments to subcontractors
  • Estimate costs for project completion on a trade
  • Our reporting provides an up-to-date record of financial exposure in all categories, accurate cost understanding, and forecasting on a daily basis if necessary.


Our project managers, estimators, and accounting staff use a single source for cost-data input and output, and we show process flow in a manner that duplicates our business processes.

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