Our team approaches each engagement by utilizing our historic cost database,
subcontractor input and comparative analysis.


Preconstruction services include:

Feasibility Studies
Conceptual Budget
Trend Analysis
Value Engineering
Constructability Reviews
System Studies
Life Cycle Analysis



We have developed a unique cost database including more than 10,000 individual items.  The system is updated on a regular basis to represent the current market conditions and provide accurate information for our clients.


We engage our subcontractor partners during early project phases and value the collaboration during preconstruction projects. We are able to identify potential obstacles, mitigate any risks and ensure that each detail is analyzed.


We have a diverse portfolio of past projects to utilize as comparative analysis for preconstruction pricing. Our team is able to seek anomalies ensuring the systems and details of a project are within a reasonable range.


Based on the expectations of the project, UA Builders Group recognizes the requirements and is fully prepared to commit the time, resources, and expertise to ensure the successful completion of your project on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality standards. Utilizing comprehensive in-house capabilities and cutting edge technology, our organization provides a full range of services to assist you from the earliest project stages through closeout and commissioning.

1. IDENTIFY (LONG LEAD TIME ITEMS): Ensure that UA identifies long lead times and coordinates with the project team for items such as:

  • Vertical transportation (hoisting)
  • Light Fixtures
  • Chillers, cooling towers
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Supplemental AC units
  • UPS system
  • Security system
  • Woodwork
  • Telecommunication requirements
  • Metal, glass, marble, stone
  • Special doors and hardware
  • Structural steel
  • Life safety system

2. PRE-PURCHASE: Bids for equipment and materials are sent out to approved manufacturers to meet the benchmarks of the construction schedule. Manufacturers are monitored for production timetables; quality control, and performance testing to ensure complete compliance with the construction documents. The site conditions are reviewed to determine if field assembly of the equipment is necessary and the manufacturer is contacted if units are to be shipped in sections.

3. CONSTRUCTION REVIEW: The construction documents are reviewed as they are developed to ensure construction and scheduling feasibility. In addition, UA Builders will make site surveys prior to completing the bid documents to try to identify any conditions that might affect the schedule or result in additional construction costs.

4. BUDGETS: Prepare and update detailed budgets as the documents are developed through the design and engineering phases of this project. UA Builders approach to budgeting is designed to assure our clients that no costs will be incurred which are not in the scope of work approved for the construction program.

5. COST CONTROL: Set up a system to evaluate construction budgets, their revisions and final pricing as the information becomes available. UA Builders is committed to providing its clients with the most accurate and timely project information.

6. SCHEDULE: Prepare a detailed master schedule for the project which will include all milestones for all phases of a renovation through construction completion and post construction services.


a. Pre-qualify a list of firms for each trade in conjunction with the client, their consultants and the building management based upon past performance on similar projects, financial stability and current workload.

b. Each trade would be issued an RFP that would consist of the bid documents, schedule, building rules and regulations and an instruction to bid letter that would clearly define the trade responsibilities as it specifically relates to the project

c. Each trade would be required to attend a prebid meeting and site walk-thru after they have had ample time to review the bid documents and RFP.

d. Questions and clarifications that are requested by the subcontractor would be faxed to the clients and their consultants so that they can be addressed formally and issued to all applicable trades.

e. All bids shall be returned to the client in a “sealed” envelope at a predetermined time and date. Bid openings would be scheduled with the client and their consultants with copies of each proposal being distributed after each bid quotation has been logged and documented.

f. UA Builders Group would make an initial analysis of each bid, reviewing scope, bid compliance, qualifications and exclusions. A written report would be prepared and forwarded to the client and their consultants that would make recommendations for award of contracts.

g. Formal interviews would then be held to ensure that the recommended subcontractor is the most qualified to undertake this project.

h. Prior to award, the client may elect to have the construction manager negotiate with a particular firm to obtain their services at a more competitive fee.

i. At this time, with the client’s approval, UA Builders Group would execute a contract between the client and/or the construction manager and the proposed vendor. This agreement could be an AIA document, purchase order and/or another format (as requested by the client) which would reference all bid documents, addendums, terms and conditions, etc. as issued as part of this project’s RFP.

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