Detailed planning and constant communication allow us to meet the most challenging deadlines. Project teams work in conjunction with our Operations department to develop custom systems and check lists to keep projects consistently on track and meeting their milestones. Our early involvement in procurement, ongoing schedule management and “three week look-a-head,” safeguard the intended finish. Project phases are carefully designed and coordinated to provide efficiency and to best meet the needs of our customers.

UA Builders makes it a point to collaborate with key stakeholders to keep work on track, and whenever necessary, to get the project back on track. UA will employ necessary resources, additional shifts, and work overtime as needed to expedite the schedule to achieve the milestones on time and on budget.

UA Builders compares actual progress and percentage of work completed to the client-approved, final schedule. The team monitors field work, measures the progress of each activity, and requires subcontractors to submit daily field reports, progress photos, and schedule submissions. Our team updates the project schedule monthly or as requested, including additional time needed to complete each task. Our managers evaluate and come prepared for all progress review meetings, sharing resource allocations, constraints, and accuracy of production estimates to ensure the work is progressing as planned. We always keep clients aware and make sure they understand the schedule status.

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